Pet Sitters in Woodbury Minnesota

Woodbury, MN is a VERY Pet Friendly City

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It’s hard to compete with all of the great features of this quaint community, both natural AND man made.

There are so many great parks and trails, that it almost seems like endless entertainmnet, exercise and stimulation for your pets in Woodbury.

From Ashton Ridge all the way to Windwood, the different areas within Woodbury showcase an even greater diversity of pet friendliness. I’m now starting to think that this town was founded on the principles of dog walking, pet sitting and boarding. It just fits together so very well.


Finding Pet Sitters in Woodbury When you Need to Go Away

The great thing about animal loving communities is that you do not have much trouble finding the help you need to take care of your pets when you need to go away. Whether the islands and sun are calling you or you have some type of medical need, a pet sitter is the answer when you have little fur balls left behind.

My Pet Sitting Experience (2018)

I’d never really been one to leave the house for any great length of time. Usually it was just a trip to the grocery store, and just a couple of hours at work every day… I only work part time hours, so I’m never gone for more than 4 or 5 hours. In that short amount of time, there’s not too much trouble that my pets get into. I have 2 dogs, one is big, the other little. But the way they treat each other, they act opposite their sizes.

Indie and Myah on a hike!

When I drive to work, I am still in Woodbury, though my route takes me along the outside edge. It’s a nice drive, so I don’t mind. Lately, my boss has been tossing around the idea of working full time. The extra hours would be great, but I do start to worry about leaving my dogs behind for this long. I hope it’s not just separation anxiety! Yikes…

See some oddball pet details on!

Interview for a Pet Sitter in Woodbury, MN

With the trial run of the upgraded position at work, I had to find some help pretty quick. I am still astonished with the variety of help there is in the pet care services world. I suppose it’s good to know that there are this many true to life pet lovers out there. Maybe I should be instantly comforted, just by this alone!

Christine and Myah in Woodbury

There were certain features in a dog walker or boarding service that I needed to make sure were taken care of, such as:

  • Lover of pets
  • I wanted a female (don’t ask why!)
  • Someone local (though didn’t have to be right in Woodbury)
  • Someone who could get along with my two dogs
  • First aid and decent animal medical knowledge

I do not think it was too much to ask to get all of these ducks in a row, and thankfully I found Christine’s professional pet care (her website is here). She’s based in Cottage Grove, MN, which is not too far at all from Woodbury, so I was more than okay to entertain her application to help pet sit for me.

Since she is also a dog walker, I’m sure I could take advantage of those services too. Seeing as how I am not used to working long hours, I could come home tired, and not quite energetic enough for a walk. If I pair the pet sitting with dog walking, I’ve taken really good care to keep my two little friends happy, healthy and stimulated – It’s perfect!

Woodbury pet sitting and boarding

Going for the Woodbury Gold

If you’re facing a similar situation and need to consider getting a pet sitter in Woodbury, I highly suggest Christine’s Professional Pet Care LLC. Christine is the ultimate pet lover with a non stop energy to keep your pets happy and healthy. It’s a tremendous advantage to her in her line of work. I am happy to see such drive and ambition. It makes me smile, and makes my dogs smile as well – Afterall, isn’t that the most important part of hiring pet care services? I think so!

Woodbury Minnesota

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